Windows Media Video WMV - We have choosen to use WMV codec for our videos due to native playback support on most computers and devices. This includes Xbox 360 and PS3. So no codecs are required to play our movies.

Our video files have also been tested on Xbox 360, Ps3, iPods and PSP.

Customers can download our WMV movies
High Quality (720x576) Hi-Def 720p(1080x720) Hi-Def 1080p (1920x1080)

A download manager is recommended for the larger files. You do have 3 days to download the videos. This should give you enough time to download the files.

If you think splitting the larger files, would be more helpful. Please let us know.

H.264/Mpeg4 - This is the chosen codec for both iPod and PsP.

iPod - Customers have the option to download large ipod movies (720x576) and small iPod movies (352x288)

PSP - Customers have the option to download both ntsc and pal format PSP videos.

Playback Issues - If there are any issues with any of the files. Please let us know Asap. We will endeavour to fix this asap.

If there any other questions or queries, you think we should address here. Let us know. This page will be updated all the time, with any help or issues that others may find useful.

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All models were at least 18 years old when they were filmed
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